my 75Hard Journey

Over the last 75 days I have participated in a programed called 75Hard which was created by St. Louis, MO entrepreneur Andy Frisella. It is often looked at as a workout challenge, but even Andy calls it a mental toughness challenge. So here is a look at my 75Hard Journey!


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Here are the requirements of the program each day:

  1. Follow a Diet
  2. Two 45 Minute Workouts (ONE MUST BE OUTSIDE)
  3. Drink 1 Gallon of Water
  4. Read 10 pages of a business/entrepreneurship book
  5. No Alcohol or Cheat Meals
  6. Take a Progress Picture

So as a spoiler I will say that I did complete the challenge! Was it easy? NO! Was it rewarding? YES!

Now let me give you a summary of how it went for me over the 75 days as I have had a week off since I completed the challenge.

Following a diet was something that I thought would be a huge challenge and it was.  I was lucky enough that my wife took the challenge with me, which did make it easier!  We are also parents of two little ones which makes it much harder.  The times of grabbing a quick and easy meal were really out the window and we had to focus a lot on planning out our meals.  As a result, we did A LOT of meal prepping which for me personally is the only way I was able to make diet and easier task to complete each day!  I followed a low carb diet with clean food going into my system.  As I sit back a week later having cheat meals, I can tell you my body greatly appreciated eating clean and the last week my body has not felt the same.

What about workouts you say?  Well since I have been out of racing it is safe to say that I have gotten a bit more comfortable and was at my largest weight in life, 225lbs to be exact.  As I stated above it is a requirement to do ONE workout outside.  I was very fortunate that the weather during our challenge was amazing and was only forced to work out in adverse conditions a couple times.  For my workouts they consisted of running/walking to start for the first several weeks.  I then transitioned into running and riding my mountain bike before finally transitioning into lifting weights along with some form of cardio. 

What I found to be the most intriguing part for me was being outside. I loved it! There were mornings I would be out that I felt a connection I never have before and I know that sounds super hippie and out there, but I did.  I honestly really looked forward to having that time outside everyday which meant often I would do both of my work outs outside! Over the course of those 75 days I recorded ALMOST ALL of my workouts with my Garmin Instinct watch I treated myself to.  Here are the results of those 75Days.

  • 100 Miles of Walking (If I didn’t run for the entire 45 minutes, I recorded it as a walk)
  • 90 Miles of Running
  • 218 Miles of Mountain Biking

All in it was a total of 408 miles!  It has motivated me to do bigger things in the future regarding fitness!

               Many people seem to struggle with completing to drink a gallon of water a day.  For me this was without a doubt the EASIEST part.  My shop does not have air conditioning and as a result I drink a lot of water during the day.  Also, while riding my mountain bike I would often drink 1.5 liters of water alone in a 45-minute period.  With that being said I also really enjoy Dr. Pepper, so I did give up soda for the 75day period and of all the choices I had to make during this time not drinking soda would rank up there pretty high!

               So, before the challenge I had already started reading books with a group of guys who were also focusing on improving their business and personal life’s!  Reading is something that I have never really enjoyed until January when we started this all.  Here is a list of the books that I read during the challenge.

I did not list the books in any particular order, but I will say that Start With Why was my favorite! It seemed to really hit me with facts and applications for my life and my business. I do wish I would have ready 75Hard sooner in the process as it gives a ton of motivation along with other insights that help guide you through the process.  For me the most important thing with books is that there has to be an application to them, it is very hard for me to just read what I consider stories.  I also like to know that the people writing these books actually have experience and are not just educators.  Knowing that the authors practice what they preach instead of just preaching it!

               I should take back what I said as for drinking water being the easiest task!  Not drinking alcohol would have been the easiest.  I have not had a drink of alcohol in close to 10 years so for me this portion of the challenge was just part of my life.  This can be a struggle for a lot of people and the best I could relate it to would be giving up my soda.  I am sure for many people they may have the realization over the 75days how they could live a better/easier life without it in their system.  Now cheat meals on the other hand may have been a bigger struggle.

  For me I had a pretty extended honeymoon stage of the challenge, which meant I was a machine, but that came to an end on about day 50!  I craved pizza like you wouldn’t believe!  It was like a shark getting a sniff of blood in the ocean and had to have it!  I am not joking I feel like I could smell a pizza delivery drive through my neighborhood like a kid hears the ice cream man!  Pizza was my first meal after the challenge was complete and let me tell you it was AMAZING, but the next day my body felt it and although my craving was taken care of it left me a bit disappointed!

               I was not sure if I even wanted to post by Day 1 and Day 75 photos, but since I am writing a blog about it, I guess that is kind of a requirement, right?  So here it is!

I started out at 225lbs and a little over a week into my challenge I got an inbody scan that had me at 23.1 percent body fat.  At the conclusion I was 17 percent body fat and a weight of 189.0.  I had a goal in my head to reach 195lbs which I completed, but I was hoping to reach 15 percent body fat which I didn’t reach.  Most would look at this as a failure which it is, but for me it’s a motivation for moving forward!

In conclusion I really enjoyed the journey of 75hard.  I want to start again right now, but that would force my hand over the holidays to stay strict on a diet which I am not sure I want to miss out on.  Should I do it again, for sure and overall, I think it has created habits that will be instilled with me for quite some time moving forward.  I took off about 4 days as a break to myself from working out and almost felt disconnected during those 4 days.  Since then I have been back to doing a workout a day which fits my schedule good currently. 

My biggest takeaway from 75Hard would have to be TIME MANAGEMENT!  To me it was the most crucial piece during the challenge as all these items take time during the day to complete.  For me the shining star in completing the challenge was my wife!  I honestly couldn’t have done it without here support and drive, as there were days, I was overwhelmed she made me get after it and finish it! By the way she absolutely killed it as well while also taking care of both our kiddos all day long! 

This was my third attempt at completing it. The other times I did not make it a priority in my life and that was always the result of me failing!  If you are on the fence please just pull the trigger and get after it! You wont regret it!

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