Obviously with the influx of the COVID-19 virus our country is realizing how many products are being produced overseas.  In my industry there are several companies that are sourcing their parts overseas, and to me I lose respect for them.  Without a doubt they are able to produce parts at a much cheaper price, but what is the trade off?  QUALITY!  These items are being used with cheap materials and labor that is also ridiculously priced!  There will always be that demand for a cheap products, as some people cannot afford all the parts that are “Made in America”

               To have a look outside of my industry and the personal belief of what our country should do during this time is to bring back as much manufacturing to OUR country as possible.  In this time of need it is hard to believe that the same country who brought this pandemic to the world is one of the few countries who are profiting from it!  China is supplying us with masks and ventilators at a volume that is unreal.  On top of that our pharmaceuticals are also being made overseas at a large percentage.  So, while our country goes into a massive panic and shut down of our economy the “enemy” in my mind is also who we are relying on, and that is just not right. There has to be a point that profits can’t outweigh our patriotism of our own country.


               So instead of shutting down America, why not develop the resources and connections needed to bring production back to the USA in large numbers.  America has the capabilities to do everything they are doing, and we have done so in the past during war times.  You would see unemployment reach a new low instead of a new high!  What is wrong about being self-sufficient? Or at the very least the closest we can to being so.  If you take a look into our past you will see that Franklin D. Roosevelt passed the Works Progress Administration that put unemployed people back to work in order to more or less develop our country and put employees back to work! They helped build roads, bridges, hospitals, zoos, etc. (OF WHICH ALMOST ALL ARE STILL IN USE) It is estimated that this cost just around 4 billion dollars which is around 75 billion today!


               So how does a program like this bring manufacturing back to America?  Easy our government just passed a 3 trillion-dollar stimulus package.  When you compare 75 billion to 3 trillion it seems like nothing doesn’t it.  America not only needs to invest in individuals during this time to bail our economy out but, why not invest in our country at the same time.  We can create what we once had during the industrial times.  We have the space and resources to develop large manufacturing plants across the country.  At the very least there is absolutely no reason that 100 percent of the prescription drugs should not be produced in state side.  After establishing that we can move into other aspects that need attention as well.  Although this will be a rough patch for the majority of the country it is also a time when a large amount of growth is possible.  I would love to know the amount of money each of the states are losing in sales tax each day! The only person who is benefiting from this is Amazon and guess who doesn’t pay sales tax???  Its time to quit being sheep and do what is right for our states and country! 


“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day.  Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”

To me this quote means a lot during these times and I feel like giving out this stimulus money is more or less putting a band aid on the situation instead of growing from it.   

               In conclusion I think the quickest fix to get AMERICA back on its feet is getting back to work!  Here is a link to send an email to the governor of Missouri. CLICK HERE!  Let him know we want to get back to WORK!  I personally do not want to spend the next 10-15 years digging out from a depression.  Let’s get together and separate the DEMOCRATS and the REPUBLICANS and focus on what generations before us did!