What to Accomplish in my 34th year!

What to Accomplish in My 34th Year?

What to Accomplish in My 34th Year? As the year comes to an end, and I just celebrated a birthday. I feel it’s important to set my goals and targets for the year ahead of me. I’ve given some time to think about it, and I’ve come up with a list of goals and ideas… Continue reading →

The most precious commodity! TIME!

Most Precious Commodity

Most Precious Commodity              There are many items that may come to your brain when you think of the most precious commodity! In all reality the most precious commodity and that which we would die the fastest from is oxygen.  This is something that we cannot harness to benefit us though.  So, what is the… Continue reading →

Winning the hockett memorial!

Winning the Hockett Memorial!             Today seems fitting to talk about my favorite win of my career.  It was the 2015 Jesse Hockett Memorial race at Lucas Oil Speedway in Wheatland, MO.  Before I dive into the race and how it all shook out, I should set some background.             Before I started racing any… Continue reading →

2 Years

2 years sure does seem to go by in a hurry. Yesterday was my son, Charlies 2nd Birthday. I cannot even believe how quick time goes by. I remember sitting in the hospital like it was just yesterday. In the last year I have got a bit more in touch with voicing my thoughts to… Continue reading →


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Brad is a St. Louis, MO native who graduated from Webster University with a major in Business and a certificate in Entrepreneurship! Before opening up his own Fabrication company BP Fabrication LLC, Brad raced professionally all over North America and New Zealand! Since hanging up the helmet Brad has turned his focus on building CNC Fabrication business that specialized in the motorsport industry! Brad provides parts for race cars all over the USA along with international clients in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada! He is also very passionate about his products being Made in America!

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