2 Years

2 years sure does seem to go by in a hurry. Yesterday was my son, Charlies 2nd Birthday. I cannot even believe how quick time goes by. I remember sitting in the hospital like it was just yesterday.

In the last year I have got a bit more in touch with voicing my thoughts to the public. Since he is just two he will never remember these times in his life, but what better gift than to post a blog about the little guy.

Charlie is a mommas boy through and through! I love it though! He is lucky to have Cassie as his mom and I am so fortunate to have her as my wife to raise our two kiddos. This kid is an early riser which is his one trait that doesn’t align with his sleep loving mom! Every morning that kid climbs out of his crib and bangs on his door to start the day! As a two year old he already has quite the busy schedule!

Charlies day starts off with a tv show which is either Paw Patrol or Blippi! If you pick the wrong one he will let you know for sure! This kiddo also loves his sister like you wouldn’t believe. He is always chasing her around the house looking for her approval and copying anything she does! Yelling JOJO as loud as he can to get the attention from her. The only time the rugrat gets in trouble is when he copies his sister as she convinces him to break the rules a bit!

This kid also has the absolute best smile! It is the cutest grin ear to ear with his eyes squinted as small as he can while still looking at you! I know it is most likely going to embarrass him but that little shit is the biggest thumb sucker in the world. (WHICH I HATE) The little dude also has to have a stuffed animal at all times to keep him comforted which is also one of the cutest things you will ever see.

I can’t wait to see him grow up as I know he is going to be my right hand man in life! He loves anything and everything mechanical. I could see him being an engineer as he has to investigate anything he touches and see how it works. When he comes to see me at work he has to get out a tool and press the cycle start button.

For anyone reading this out there who has kids I am sure you realize how precious time is with them. They are only young and innocent for so long. I am trying my best to be as present as possible I can when I am with my kids as I will never get this time back. Even when I have a long or stressful day coming home to my two kids and awesome wife is what makes my day complete!

Happy Birthday Charlie! Cant wait to see what next year will bring! You are the best little buddy a dad could ever ask for!

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