Colorado Retreat

Many people close to me know that I have spent a lot of time on personal and business development in 2020.  Over the last weekend my podcast group, called the Brofessional Development took a trip out to Colorado.  The purpose was to get away for a weekend to have a good time, but to also plan out our 2021 goals for our podcast and our personal goals.

               The trip was to Copper Mountain in Frisco, CO over three days.  Many people may look at traveling for personal fun at this time as a bad thing, but it was well worth it.  I am glad that we went and am personally not scared of the potential risk I may have put myself in as we were cautious the entire time.  Once arriving to Denver, we made the 2-hour drive, which was beautiful, to the resort!  At the resort we were literally 100 yards from the ski lifts.

               In the morning we suited up and prepared for a day of skiing.  Having only skied in the only hill St. Louis has to offer this was a dramatic difference in quality!  We were lucky to have fresh snow fall on us almost all day. We were able to get our feet under us and enjoy a full day of slopes.  After getting our fill we cashed in and started our planning that our trip was focused on.

Hitting the Black Diamond

               Night one of planning was centered around our podcast. If you don’t know what our podcast is about here is a brief introduction that we actually knocked out on the trip!

Our mission is to curate information from the top influencers around the world. We provide you with real, actionable steps on how to improve in any and every area of your life, whether you own you’re an entrepreneur, C-Suite Executive, or just starting your journey of Self-Development. Brofessional Development is all about growth, and you know if you’re not growing, you’re dying.

               It was great to have all 5 of us sit down uninterrupted for the night which started at 5 and went all the way until midnight.  In this time, we created an outline of what we expect to achieve over the next 12 months.  We covered everything from how many followers we hope to have all the way to potential guests and scheduled out a year worth of episode ideas that we are excited to share with everyone.  We would have never accomplished these items if we were in St. Louis.  Being involved with a podcast is fun, but also requires a lot of attention to reach our goals that we have set in place.  In doing this trip we were able to delegate roles for each individual that should help steam line the process!  Although it is a podcast that we are growing we are creating a BRAND!  The Brofessional Development brand is one that can help just about anyone!

               The following morning the team split with half of us hitting the slopes again and the other half taking on a hike in the mountains of Colorado.  If you have never been out to Colorado, I can tell you that your missing out!  The beauty is every direction you look!   In being surrounded by this our creative juices were flowing and that night we attacked our personal and business development goals for 2021.


               We all sat down and wrote down these categories:

  • Family
  • Career
  • Health
  • Financial
  • Education
  • Recreation
  • Charitable
  • Adventure
  • Travel
  • Romance
  • Relationships
  • Spiritual

From there we all picked the one that we wanted to focus the most on which varied between the group, but most seemed to land in the Career and Financial segments.

               For me personally this was the most enjoyable thing we did all weekend!  Having the chance to be around 4 other growth minded individuals ideas started popping off like champagne on New Year’s!  We were able to bounce ideas off of each other on how to accomplish our goals in which Matt outlines as GAP:

  • Goals
  • Action
  • Purpose

In doing this we all created an action plan with deadlines to see how we are progressing in our journey through 2021.  Everyone has great goals for 2021 and with the support of our group I see everyone succeeding!

Planning Process

               To dig a bit deeper on my main goal for 2021 it is in bold around CAREER! I love being an entrepreneur! I love coming up with an idea, thinking through the process, executing, and enjoying the rewards it creates.  I encourage everyone I know to chase their dreams of being an entrepreneur as it opens up so much freedom for yourself and family.  In 2021 I would like to open up a second business on top of my fabrication business, BP Fabrication LLC.  I have several ideas that I am wanting to pursue that I think have serious potential! I won’t go to in depth on what the particulars of each business idea are, but I can tell you that over the next year you will most likely see me execute on one of them.

               In closing I wanted to thank the guys for going on this retreat.  There was a dramatic amount of growth that happened over 3 days in the mountains of Colorado.  It is such a privilege to be surrounded by people that are all on the same page! Moving forward in our Brofessional Development Brand I could see us offering up trips like this to members who would like to join such a great group.  So, if you are wanting to invest in yourself get in touch and we can help elevate you as well!

               I should also let it be known that I am very fortunate to have a wife who supports and allows me to chase these wild goals, most would call them dreams but when I make them become a reality you can’t call it a dream! Along with also having great employees who kept the shop running seamlessly while out for a couple days!

               Let’s crush it!

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