COVID-19 in business

I have held off on writing about this for quite some time.  At first, I thought I would stay in the shadows and keep my opinion to myself and my close circle of friends and family, some who I am sure don’t agree with me either.  It wasn’t until Andy Frisella posted today on his Instagram that people needed to start speaking up about how they feel that gave me the courage to post it.  Andy Frisella is one of the owners of 1st Phorm which is a health supplement store based out of St. Louis, MO and is a very successful entrepreneur.  It is very safe to say that he is outspoken about the coronavirus and the effects it is having outside of a health standpoint.

               That’s where I would like to toss in my two cents if you care to hear about it.  Please don’t be offended as these are MY views and I would respect your views just the same, as I am sure there is a polar opposite opinion on it. 

               As many of my readers and followers know I am a business owner that caters to the motorsports industry, which is often a hobby for many individuals.  Most of the racers across the country are blue collar workers who bust their ass week in and week out just to get that thrill of racing once or twice a weekend.  Your average racer will put in 8-10 hours of REAL work a day before they go home and put in even more work just to be ready to go each weekend.  You might ask what this has to do with anything?  Well it has absolutely everything to do with how fucked this world is going to be.  Everyday since the “quarantine” has gone into effect there have been workers losing their jobs.  We are talking about every part of the spectrum, no one is safe right now.  So, this is a direct to my business along with almost every other business owner because now people don’t have that extra spending money to spend on items they want, and instead are spending it on what they NEED!  This isn’t just my industry its everyone from your retail clothing outlets to mom and pop restaurants.

               This is where I am going to lose a large majority of the readers who will fail to see both sides of the story and that’s fine.  What we are doing as a country is crazy.  We are shutting down the entire country in fear of the COVID-19.  If you go to you can see the amount of deaths this year from several different categories running from traffic accidents, suicide, and cancer.  When I looked COVID-19 was at 46,438 people… in the entire WORLD!!!! You want to see a statistic that will blow your mind, abortion was at 10,665,130 and hunger is 2,806,314.  I understand that many people will say there is no vaccine or we don’t know how this spread, but I think we all know how to stop hunger am I right?  Why have we all been so lost in the media craze that we hear every single minute, hour, and day of our lives right now.  What we are doing right now will ruin our economy, which in turn is going to end up killing more of us each year than this virus will.  What are we going to do when we are no longer able to afford the things we need?  The government is only able to bail individuals out so many times before there is nothing left.

               I am not saying that tomorrow the world should just go back to what it was before this pandemic, but I am saying we need to start getting back to normal.  There are to many people out there who will have their lives ruined by this craze that has developed.  Let’s start getting back to normal everyone.  Be smart though as I am not saying this is all made up, I am just saying that there are much bigger factors in the world that our attention should be on instead of this.  This country was built on small business and all this is doing is hurting those people who took a risk. 

               In closing I want to bring up something one of my friends in the business world asked.  What would have this been like without social media?  I have a feeling we would all be working and living a completely normal life and this wouldn’t have a lasting impact like it will now.  At the same time do your part and be a good human!  Wash your hands, cover your mouth, and respect people who it may affect more than yourself and stay home the best you can!

               If any of this made an impact give it a share and don’t be afraid to have your voice heard.  When does the media go into a quarantine?

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6 thoughts on “COVID-19 in business

  1. Brad I agree with your views since they mirror my opinion on this highly questionable matter. Let’s distribute the hydroclraquin now and put this coronavirus to rest. Do we really need 180 million masks? No!!! We need to get back to work now!!! The economy is going down an embankment which will be tough to climb out of.

  2. You are so correct. Life is a gamble from the day you are born..As you mature you assess the odds and proceed from there.We cannot allow government to make those decisions for us.I never want to endanger someone else with my decisions,but I also can’t allow others (opinions) to run my life .You are on right track

  3. Brad, you are spot on the devastating impact shutting down the country will have on the economy. We need to get people back to work. Shutting down the economy will have a larger impact than the unfortunate people who die from Covid 19.

  4. We had something back in the 80’s called AIDS. If you got infected with that, you were probably going to die from it. Not like the only 3% from the Covid. Social media and regular media have been very much a driving factor of this.

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