Introduction on me!

Well hello to the world of blogging!  For those of you reading this who don’t know who I am here is a little background on myself!

In a past life, I drove racecars across the USA, New Zealand, and Canada in Sprint Cars and Midgets for 15 years.

I was lucky enough to enjoy success at many levels, winning championships in several classes and series.  In 2019, I was forced into retirement at 31 years old.

While airing a tire, a wheel weld failed, splitting from the wheel with my hand inside. It did a number on my wrist, breaking my radius and ulna bones in several places.  I was bolted back together with two plates, 14 screws, and 50 staples with hopes of a quick recovery. Unfortunately, I was not so lucky. Over two years since the incident and after two additional surgeries aimed to improve my range of motion and grip strength, I continue to have lasting complications with my wrist.

When reality had set in that I would never get to drive a race car again at the level I was accustomed to, and my entrepreneurial gene came in effect. At the time of my accident, I had already dabbled in building parts for our own race team and decided to try and make it into a business. I’ve been lucky enough to grow up around my biggest mentor and closest friend, my dad, owner of one of the largest commercial landscaping businesses in the St. Louis area. 

I purchased my first CNC mill, a Haas VF2YT, and BP Fab was born. I started developing race car parts for the dirt track community, and have been supplying parts across the USA, Australia, and New Zealand.

These quality American-made parts have won races on some of the best teams across the world.  NASCAR drivers Christopher Bell, Kyle Larson, and Alex Bowman, and notable USAC and Powri stars like Chad Boat son of Billy Boat, Michael Pickens and Flea Ruzic (Team Ripper) have earned victories with BP Fabrication parts bolted on their cars. And this is just the beginning!

What I lost in driving cars I found in launching a business. The excitement, pressure and adrenaline rush of creating something from nothing has pushed me to want to become the best person I can in my business and personal life.  I hope to share my journey with you through my blog!

I am lucky enough to be married to my amazing wife Cassie for 5 years now. She has treated me to our two amazing children, Josephine (3) and Charles (1), who are the two coolest kids in the world if you ask me. We call St. Louis, MO home where we are avid fans and loyal season ticket holders of the 2019 Stanley Cup Champion St. Louis Blues.

So if you are interested in watching the growth of my business, personal success, and just funny stories I would love to see you follow along for some excitement!

With all the loved ones!

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10 thoughts on “Introduction on me!

  1. Brad I’m so glad to see you find joy in your new career path and it will undoubtedly help many racers become better. You were one of the best wheel men out their and pushed the limit every time on the track. I will look forward to reading more of your life story and how things are going but from what I’ve heard your parts are among the best made.

  2. You are the man, your life career is very inspiring, proud to call you a friend.. Sad to say I became a Brad Loyet fan late in your racing career, but glad you are still into racing manufacturing quality racing parts..

  3. Dang, why did you need me doing your p.r. when you can write like that? Congrats on the business and family…hopefully, we’ll see you soon…

  4. I enjoyed your first entry, Brad. It was always fun watching you race, and now I look forward to reading your stories. Thanks for sharing them with us!

  5. Congrats on your new endeavor – hope to still see you at a midwest track once in a while – will try to save up more horns for the dog! Have fun with the little people they grow up fast! Hello to your dad!

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